Monday, November 12, 2007

udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.04

Release 1.04 supports the following new features:-
- Transfer of data from Tally to Excel using SQL-SELECT statements
- Push or pull Tally data from a Remote Computer
- Use of XML tags to identify Masters data in MS-Excel

Transfer of data from Tally into Excel
(Pull data from Tally Software into Excel)

You can now easily get Tally data into MS-Excel using simple SQL-SELECT Statements like :-

Select $Name, $ClosingBalance from LEDGER

For more information of using SQL-SELECT statements, refer :-

For more samples, visit

You can download the udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.04 from

Please see:
Support for writing SQL-SELECT statements to fetch data from Tally Software available to Registered users of udi-Magic.

Push or pull Tally data from a Remote Computer

udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.04 allows you to access Tally data from a Remote Computer located in a different city or country.

a) You can pull (retrieve) Tally data from a Remote Computer

b) You can push (write) Excel data to Tally wherein the Tally Software is running on a Remote Computer.

All you need to do is specify the IP address of the Remote Computer and some Firewalls settings in the Remote Computer.

Please See:
Support to Access Tally data on Remote Computer is available to Registered users only.

Use of XML tags to identify Masters data in Excel

To begin with, let's have a look at how udi-Magic has evolved till now.

- In udi-Magic v1.0, Column-Headings were used to identify the Excel-sheet data.
- In udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.03, a new concept to read Excel data using XML tags was introduced. However, this was restricted to Vouchers only.
- In udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.04, XML tags are used to identify Masters as well as Voucher data in Excel-sheet.


Unknown said...

When I run the UDI-Magic for Excel to tally or tally to excel "it is saying that you require to open your Tally and aleast one computer required to open" Even after opening of Tally also it is saying same comment. We are unable to use it

Shweta Softwares said...

It seems that you are using Multi-user Tally version and/or Tally does not show "ODBC" at the bottom of the "Gateway of Tally" screen near the Calculator panel. Please write to sales @ rtslink .com (remove spaces) to get help to solve the issue.