Saturday, December 20, 2014

Multiple Price Levels in Tally ERP

UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1 supports creation of "n" number of Price Levels. This can be done using the template named "Master-V6-StockItem-Multiple-price-levels.xls"

There is no limitation on the number of price levels that can be created. You can use all the Columns in the Excel sheet (if required).

Works with Tally ERP 9 Release 1.0 and higher versions.

a) UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1 automatically creates the Price levels and sets / updates the prices in Stock Item Master. There is no need to manually create Price Levels in Tally using "F11 >> Inventory Features >> Use Multiple Price Levels". 

b) In the older versions of UDIMagic, the Price levels had to be created manually in Tally Software using "F11 >> Inventory Features >> Use Multiple Price Levels"

c) The Excel template "Master-V6-StockItem-Multiple-price-levels.xls" gets created in the "c:\udi-magic"  when you install the UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Undo entries, Mark as Optional, Cancelled

UDIMagic v6.0 Release 1.7 comes with the facility to UNDO entries. (i.e. to delete the entries that you had imported earlier). And this can be done anytime, even after few days or months.

UNDO Entries
1) Start UDIMagic Sofware and select the Excel sheet which you had imported earlier and now wish to Undo.
2) Next, click on the "View/set additional options" button which is next to the Start button as shown underneath :-

3) Select / check the "Undo entries" option as shown underneath :

4) Click on the "Start" / "Reimport" button a shown underneath :

The above will undo / delete the entries.

i) To undo entries, you must select the same Excel sheet from which you had imported data earlier.
ii) The steps to "Undo Entries" are same as we do for importing data. The only difference is you select  the "Undo entries" option before clicking on the "Start" button.

Mark as OPTIONAL (for Vouchers only)

UDIMagic now allows you to import Vouchers marked as "Optional". Vouchers imported with "Mark as Optional" set, will not be shown in the Financial reports viz Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, PL etc.

Mark as CANCELLED (for Vouchers only)

UDIMagic now allows you to import Vouchers marked as "Cancelled".