Thursday, October 29, 2009

Access Computer by Name

In the UDIMagic "Settings" screen, you can specify the Computer Name instead of the IP -Address. This is generally required when Tally is running on a different machine and the IP-Address is generated dynamically and changes each time you start the Computer.

Follow the underneath steps to specify the "ComputerName" instead of the "IP-Address" :-

1) Go to "Control Panel >> System"
2) Click on the tab "Computer-Name" and note down the "FullComputerName".

3) Next, start UDIMagic and in the "Settings" screen, specify the "ComputerName" instead of the IP-Address (the default ip-address is
4) Next, click on the "Save".
5) Next, click on the "Test Connection" button to test-connect to Tally.

UDIMagic License Server
On the same lines, you can specify the ComputerName instead of the IP-Address for the UDIMagic License Server also.

Unable to change the number of DECIMAL Places in UNIT MASTER

In case, if you ever tried to change the number of DECIMAL places in the UNIT MASTER, (wherein voucher data exists for the same) you may have noticed that the DECIMAL places field appears disabled. Follow the underneath steps to change the DECIMAL places if the field has been disabled :-

1) Create a NEW Company in Tally
2) Next, create the UOM (Unit of Measurement) for which you need to change the DECIMAL Places. Set the Decimal places as required.
3) Close the NEW Company.

4) Open your original Company which contains data.
5) Next, export all Masters (Option : Gateway of Tally >> Display >> List of Accounts >> Alt+E". Next select the option "All Masters" and "XML" format. This will export the Masters data into "MASTER.XML" file
6) Next, export all Vouchers (Option : Gateway of Tally >> Display >> Daybook >> Alt+E". This will export the Vouchers data into "DAYBOOK.XML" file
7) Close the original Company

8) Open the NEW Company that you created in Step 1
9) Use option "Import of Data >> Masters". Specify the MASTER.XML with full-path and select option "Ignore duplicates"
10) Use option "Import of Data >> Vouchers". Specify the DAYBOOK.XML with full-path.

This way all data from your original Company is transferred into the NEW Company having necessary DECIMAL places in the UOM (as changed in Step 2).