Thursday, October 29, 2009

Access Computer by Name

In the UDIMagic "Settings" screen, you can specify the Computer Name instead of the IP -Address. This is generally required when Tally is running on a different machine and the IP-Address is generated dynamically and changes each time you start the Computer.

Follow the underneath steps to specify the "ComputerName" instead of the "IP-Address" :-

1) Go to "Control Panel >> System"
2) Click on the tab "Computer-Name" and note down the "FullComputerName".

3) Next, start UDIMagic and in the "Settings" screen, specify the "ComputerName" instead of the IP-Address (the default ip-address is
4) Next, click on the "Save".
5) Next, click on the "Test Connection" button to test-connect to Tally.

UDIMagic License Server
On the same lines, you can specify the ComputerName instead of the IP-Address for the UDIMagic License Server also.

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