Saturday, December 28, 2013

Error: No entries in Voucher

The said error generally occurs when the Voucher AMOUNT is zero.

It may happen that at times, your data may contain Vouchers with Zero Amount and you do not wish to post Zero Value entries and also want that the error should not appear.

In order to avoid / suppress the display of error message, you can use the tag as follows :-


Friday, December 20, 2013

ISEMPTY attribute

ISEMPTY attribute

Default functionality
By default, UDIMagic skips / ignores the tag if its value is empty.

For ex:

Herein, UDIMagic picks up the value for NARRATION from Column F (say F2, F3, F4 so on). If the value is empty, then the tag is skipped.

However, at times it may be required that even though there is no value, the tag must appear as empty tag. In such situations, you must specify the ISEMPTY="Yes" attribute.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Regional and Language Settings

While using UDIMagic, you must ensure that the "Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options" is set to "English (UK)" or "English (US)".

In one of the cases, where the Client was from Indonesia, we noticed that some Excel functions do not work (using UDIMagic) if the Country was set as Indoensia in the Regional and Language Options. On changing is to "English (United Kingdom)" it worked fine.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UDIMagic v5.0 with in-built Teamviewer QuickSupport module

Remote Support using Teamviewer

UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.95 comes with inbuilt Teamviewer QuickSupport Module which allows :-

1) Sending message / text-chat with  Shweta Softwares SupportDesk
2) Allow Remote Control / Connection for getting support / assistance.

The Teamviewer QucikSupport Module displays a box which allows for chatting / sending message or ID /pwd. However, this box appears only if Shweta Softwares SupportDesk is available / Online.