Monday, March 31, 2008

Import Stock-Item master data from Excel into Tally

UDIMagic || Excel to Tally

Here's a sample Excel-sheet that contains Stock-Item Master data along with some advanced features as given below:-

a) Price List
Tally Software provides a feature called Price-list wherein users can define different price structures/level for different purposes, generally for different Group of Customers requiring different discounts. To enable this feature in Tally 9, use option:-

"Gateway of Tally -> F11 -> Inventory features -> Use Multiple Price Levels" and set it to YES.

This prompts you for "Company Price Levels" dialog-box. Create a PRICE-LEVEL called MRP, that will be used while importing data from Excel sheet. The sample Excel sheet provided herewith contains MRP (Column R) and Discount (Column Q) which is imported into the PRICE-LEVEL feature using UDI-Magic.

b) Specify default Ledger Allocation for Invoicing
This feature allows you to specify the default Ledger Allocation for each Stock-item along with the VAT-classification for it. The sample Excel sheet provided herewith contains the default Ledger-name (see Column D); VAT-class (see Column E) and Posting (see Column F).

Follow these steps to import the Excel-sheet data into Tally Software.

1) Download and unzip the files into "c:\udi-magic" folder.
2) Start the Tally software and create/open a Dummy Company.
3) Minimize Tally Software
4) Run UDIMagic utility, select option "Excel to Tally -> Master".
5) Next, select the Excel sheet and the XML-tags file when prompted. Note that the XML-tags file is to be selected in the same screen in which you are prompted to select the Excel-sheet.
6) Next, follow the instructions given in the wizard-screen to import data into Tally.

a) You must manually enable the features "Price-List" and "Specify default ledger allocation for Invoicing" as specified above.

b) The XML tags are provided in a separate file. While importing data into Tally using UDIMagic, you must select the XML tags file also in the same screen wherein you are prompted to select the Excel Sheet.

Unleash the power of UDIMagic
UDI-Magic is a simple yet powerful utility that allows you to Import any type of data into Tally Software that can be manually entered into Tally Software.

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