Monday, June 7, 2021

udiMagic v11 Release 2.7


1. Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Basic.xls
New column for ITEM AMOUNT in FOREX

2. Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls
a. New column for ITEM AMOUNT in FOREX
b. FOREX RATE does not appear correctly as it is rounded to two (2) decimals. This has been corrected now.


  1. All the AMOUNT or RATE figures (in the aforesaid templates) are to be specified in BASE CURRENCY. 
  2. For FOREX transactions, you have to specify the CURRENCY and the ROE for which separate columns have been provided (at the end of the sheet). Based on the ROE, the FOREX AMOUNT is automatically computed.
  3. The FOREX figures are computed using the formula (BASECURRENCY_AMOUNT * ROE).
  4. As these automatically computed FOREX figures may differ (in decimals points) from the actual transaction figures, we have provided additional columns to specify the following :
    • ITEM RATE in forex
    • ITEM AMOUNT in forex
  5. All other FOREX figures will be computed automatically using the BASECURRENCY_AMOUNT and the ROE.