Tuesday, November 15, 2022

udiMagic v11 Release 3.7

Version 11 Release 3.7

Template Modifications

  • Master-Employee.xls
    • Added new Column D (Category) to store the CostCategory
  • Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Basic.xls
    • New Column Q (MRP)
    • New Column AQ (Company-Name)
  • Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls
    • New column HN (CompanyName)
  • Vouchers-V11-Bank-statement.xls
    • Changes have been done to prevent duplicate vouchers (if same sheet is imported again). We now use the VoucherNo as unique-id.

Other Changes in Version 11 Release 3.7

Bug: "List of Masters Not In Tally" not re-initialized after process is completed. Now fixed.