Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UDIMagic on Remote Desktop

Can I use UDIMagic Software on Remote Desktop ?


UDIMagic uses Excel OLE Automation and hence must not be used on a Remote Desktop wherein :-

a) Multiple users work simultaneously on UDIMagic
b) Multiple users work simultaneously on Excel

Friday, November 7, 2014

Import data into a specific Company in Tally

How do I specify/hard-code/fix the CompanyName in which data is to be uploaded from Excel to Tally ?

There are three alternatives to specify the Company in which data is to be uploaded in Tally ERP Accounting Software.

You can use the COMPANYNAME tag in the XML tags to specify the CompanyName. Ex:

.... other tags

2) COMPANYNAME attribute in XML
You can use the COMPANYNAME attribute in the XML tags. Ex:

.... other tags

3) COMPANYNAME in UDIMagic.ini (configuration) file
You can specify the Company Name in "c:\udi-magic\udimagic.ini" file as shown below:-

CompanyName=ABC Company

a) The aforesaid alternatives are given in accordance to their precedence. i.e.
>> 1st precedence is COMPANYNAME tag in XML
>> 2nd precedence is COMPANYNAME attribute in XML
>> 3rd precedence is COMPANYNAME in "udimagic.ini" file

b) You can import data into multiple Companies by using the COMPANYNAME tag. Ex:
<COMPANYNAME COLUMNREFERENCE="D"/> picks up the CompanyName from Column D in the Excel sheet

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Understanding new features in v6.0

Show the Upload status (individually for each record) in Excel

When you enable this feature, the Upload status (Yes or No) is set for each row in the Original Excel sheet.

What does the Upload Status mean ?
Yes  - Record is successfully uploaded into Tally
No -  Record is NOT uploaded into Tally

What is the benefit / use of this feature ?
a) You can easily identify the records with errors (if any), and correct those records.
b) When you re-import the data, the records with Upload Status as "No" (i.e. which were not imported earlier) are processed and uploaded into Tally.

This feature is disabled by default. You can enable it using the "Settings" button in UDIMagic.