Saturday, October 12, 2013

Excel to Tally - AutoRun Demo

UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.4 supports AutoRun DEMO for Excel to Tally.

i.e. After downloading and installing UDIMagic v5.0, simply click on the DEMO button in the main screen. It starts the Demo and guides you about the steps for using UDIMagic to import Excel data into Tally.

You can download UDIMagic Demo from

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UDIMagic v4.0 support to be discontinued from 1st January 2014

UDIMagic v4.0 (or lower versions) customers / users are requested to note that the support for UDIMagic v4.0 shall be discontinued from 1st January 2014 and there shall be no product enhancements in UDIMagic v4.0 thereafter.

Also, to avail technical support and product enhancements, users will have to upgrade to UDIMagic v5.0.

If XML tags are required for any new formats, then v5.0 compatible XML tags shall only be provided.

Friday, October 4, 2013

UDIMAGIC v5.0 Release 1.2


Computing Totals using curly braces {}
In earlier versions (i.e. v4.0 or lower), we had to use Macros (VBA) for computing totals of Excel Sheet data where ever required. Now from Release 1.2 onwards, we can use curly braces {} within XML tags to compute totals .

Fist, let us have a look at a simple Excel Formula as shown underneath:-

Formula:     =Round(H#,2)
The aforesaid Formula gives the rounded-value of a specific cell (say cell H2). The # symbol is replaced with Excel sheet row no at run-time. 

Now, let us have a look at the new syntax wherein curly braces are used:-

Formula with Totals:   ={Round(H#,2)}
The aforesaid Formula gives the running totals. Say a voucher starts from row 2 and ends at row 5, then this formula gives total of  cells H2 to H5.

This new feature is used to compute totals for Excel sheet data in following formats :-

You can use the aforesaid formats with UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.2 onwards. Following are the noteworthy points :-

a) Sales and Purchase formats with StockItems; Multiple VAT rates.
Ex: VAT 5%,VAT6%,VAT7%......etc. You can have any number of VAT types in these formats and can use any number of Columns.

b) Other Ledgers like Frieght, Cash Discount....etc can also be specified.

There is no limit and you can use all Columns in the Excel sheet.

These formats can be downloaded from folder

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Excel : Active Method of Range Class Failed

Error MessageActive Method of Range Class Failed

Sympton / Cause of Error:
While importing data using UDIMagic from Excel into Tally, if you manually open any Excel sheet (the same file or any other excel file), in such situations you may get the aforesaid error.

This is due to MDI (Multiple Document Interface) feature of MS Excel wherein a single instance of Excel is opened and hence, if you are working on Excel programmatically using UDIMagic (or any other external application which uses Automation), you must not manually start  Excel or work in Excel simultaneously.

In simple words, you must not manually start Excel while UDIMagic is running. Although, you can open any Excel sheet(s) prior to starting UDIMagic and keep them opened, but should not manually move in Excel sheet or add/edit any data.