Friday, February 29, 2008

UDIMagic v1.0 to retire from 31/3/2008

It has been an year since UDIMagic v1.0 was launched.

UDIMagic v1.0
UDIMagic v1.0 supported transfer of Masters data from Excel to Tally. It had limited functionality for even transferring the Master's data too. i.e. the fields were limited.

UDIMagic v2.0 and v3.0
Later on UDIMagic v2.0 was introduced which supported transfer of Vouchers from Excel to Tally.

UDIMagic v 3.0 followed which added support for VBA (Visual basic for Applications). It also supported all Tally features like Cost Centres; Cost Categories; Multiple Currencies; Multiple Godowns etc. The UDIMagic v3.0 also supports user-defined Voucher-types, and fields created using TDL (Tally Definition language).

In this fast-changing technology era, it has become crucial for us to concentrate on the latest technologies in order to make our products more robust and scalable. There have been several new releases for UDIMagic v3.0 till date, each one adding some new functionalities.

In view of the above, we have decided to withdraw support for UDIMagic v1.0 from 31/3/2008 only.

Users of UDIMagic v1.0 are adviced to upgrade to the latest version and reap the benefits of new functionalities.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

UDIMagic DCP (Partners)

You can now buy UDIMagic from our Partners in your proximity.

Click here to view the UDIMagic Partners list.

Monday, February 4, 2008

How to get the Financial Year from a given Date ?

First of all, why do we require this thing ?

Let me clarify it. While importing Vouchers from Excel to Tally, we require a field which contains unique values. Normally, there is such a field (Invoice Number for Sales) which contains unique values. However, Invoice numbers are unique for a given year and the number restarts from 1 every year. This would create problems as the next year vouchers will overwrite the current year vouchers. Hence, we need to generate a unique value which is a combination of the "Invoice Number" and the "Financial Year".

Here's the Excel formula to get the FINANCIAL-YEAR from a given Date.

YEAR($A#) & "-" & YEAR($A#)+1,YEAR($A#)-1 & "-" &YEAR($A#))

2007-04-01 2007-08
2008-04-01 2008-09
1) To test the above formula, substitute the A# with the Excel-sheet Cell-reference (say A1).
2) To use this formula in UDI-Magic XML tags, you need to replace the special characters with their ESCAPE SEQUENCES.