Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Get Tally Ledger list in MS-Excel

Global Help List | Get Tally Ledgers in Excel

This feature allows you to get the Tally Ledger list in MS-Excel by pressing ~ (tilde key)

You can activate or deactivate the Global Help List feature using the "Settings" button in udiMagic. By default, it is disabled.

The "Global Help List" feature provides a Help-list directly in MS-Excel or Word by simply pressing ~ (tilde key). It is useful in entering Ledgers; Stockitem-names in Excel or Word.

Using the Global Help List
Step 1 : Start udiMagic
Step 2 : Start MS-Excel or Word
Step 3 : Press ~    (i.e. tilde key without shift)

This will bring forth the UDIMagic screen with Ledger Masters for the currently selected Company in Tally as shown below :-

Step 4 : Type-in the Ledger Name and press enter-key to return to MS-Excel.

You can click the Plus (+) button  next to the text-box to select any other Master or type in any SQL SELECT Statement.

Example of SQL SELECT statements
a) To get list of Cost Centre Masters (ensure that you type COSTCENTRES and not COSTCENTRE)

b) To get list of Cost Categories

c) To get list of Ledger Names and Aliases

d) To get list of Ledgers under group Sundry Debtors and its sub-groups

e) To get list of Ledgers under group Sundry Debtors only

f) To get StockItem Names

g) To get StockItem Name and Part Number

Thursday, October 16, 2014


We are pleased to announce the launch of UDIMagic v6.0. The details are as under :-

UDIMagic v6.0 is now more Faster
In-memory computing, a new technique is now used that makes processing and uploading of records into Tally much faster. For your reference, here are the results of uploading a sample Excel  Sheet with 5200 Voucher records using different versions of UDIMagic :
Time to upload (5200 Voucher records)
UDIMagic v3.0
50 min 40 secs
UDIMagic v4.0
4 min 33 secs
Bulk record processing feature introduced
UDIMagic v5.0
3 min 10 secs
Minor modifications
UDIMagic v6.0
1 min 11 secs
In-Memory Computing feature introduced

a) We uploaded the same Excel file  (5200 vouchers) into Tally using different versions of UDIMagic.
b) System: Dell i3; 4 GB Ram, 1.80 GHz; Windows 8.1 64 bit
c) UDIMagic v6.0 took 97.66 % lesser time to upload data compared to UDIMagic v3.0 (i.e. v6.0 took 1 min 11 sec whereas v3.0  took 50 min 40 sec)

Update status for each record
While uploading Excel data into Tally, the Upload-STATUS (i.e. created; altered; error) is set against each record in Excel sheet. This enables you to identify the records which have not been uploaded or view the error if any. By default, this feature is disabled. Note: When this feature is enabled, one record is uploaded into Tally at a time.

Global Help for Ledger and other Masters
To use this feature, you must enable "Global Help-list for Ledger/other Masters" from the UDIMagic Settings. Once enabled, you can press ~ (tilde key without shift) to view / activate help list for Ledger or other Masters from Excel or Word. This feature is enabled by default.

UNDO entries Anytime (updated on 2014-12-08)
UDIMagic now allows you to undo entries (i.e. delete entries that you imported earlier). And this can be done anytime. i.e. even after a month or year. For details, refer UNDO entries

UDIMagic on USB Flash/Pen drive (updated on 2015-01-24)
You can now activate UDIMagic Software on a USB Flash/Pen drive and use it on any ONE Computer with any Tally Software/Serial (Tally 6.3 or higher). For details, refer FAQs

Upgradation charges (dt. 9th Feb 2015)
Version details
v3.0 to v6.0 (Single user)
Rs 2000
Rs 2800
Rs 7500
v4.0 to v6.0 (Single user)
Rs 1500
Rs 2100
Rs 4500
v5.0 to v6.0 (Single user)
Rs 1000
Rs 1400
Rs 2500

a) The above charges are for Single-User version. For Multi-user version, the charges will be 2.5 times that of the Single-user charges as shown above.
b) Customers who have purchased UDIMagic v6.0 on or after 16/07/2014 shall be provided upgrades free-of-charge.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Excel #N/A error

While working in Excel, have you ever encountered  #N/A or #REF! or #VALUE! or any other error starting with # ?

Here's a good article that provide details on why such errors appear in Excel.

You must remove all such errors from your Excel data before trying to import data into Tally.