Saturday, December 28, 2013

Error: No entries in Voucher

The said error generally occurs when the Voucher AMOUNT is zero.

It may happen that at times, your data may contain Vouchers with Zero Amount and you do not wish to post Zero Value entries and also want that the error should not appear.

In order to avoid / suppress the display of error message, you can use the tag as follows :-


Friday, December 20, 2013

ISEMPTY attribute

ISEMPTY attribute

Default functionality
By default, UDIMagic skips / ignores the tag if its value is empty.

For ex:

Herein, UDIMagic picks up the value for NARRATION from Column F (say F2, F3, F4 so on). If the value is empty, then the tag is skipped.

However, at times it may be required that even though there is no value, the tag must appear as empty tag. In such situations, you must specify the ISEMPTY="Yes" attribute.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Regional and Language Settings

While using UDIMagic, you must ensure that the "Control Panel >> Regional and Language Options" is set to "English (UK)" or "English (US)".

In one of the cases, where the Client was from Indonesia, we noticed that some Excel functions do not work (using UDIMagic) if the Country was set as Indoensia in the Regional and Language Options. On changing is to "English (United Kingdom)" it worked fine.


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

UDIMagic v5.0 with in-built Teamviewer QuickSupport module

Remote Support using Teamviewer

UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.95 comes with inbuilt Teamviewer QuickSupport Module which allows :-

1) Sending message / text-chat with  Shweta Softwares SupportDesk
2) Allow Remote Control / Connection for getting support / assistance.

The Teamviewer QucikSupport Module displays a box which allows for chatting / sending message or ID /pwd. However, this box appears only if Shweta Softwares SupportDesk is available / Online.

Monday, November 18, 2013

UDIMagic - Ways of writing XML tags

A brief introduction to XML is given at

There are two methods of writing XML tags for UDIMagic :-

1) In the Excel sheet itself (i.e. in the Comments section of Cell A1)
Refer the Exercise 1

2) In a plain text file
Refer the Exercise 2

Saturday, November 9, 2013

UDIMAGIC v5.0 Release 1.6


UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.6 comes with a Status-bar which :-
1) Alerts the user if Tally is NOT running or if the Tally Port / IP Address settings are incorrect.
2) Allows the user to change the Settings.
3) Allows selection of Company in Tally into which you wish to import data.

a) By default, the Status bar is hidden. You can use the Roll-down button (which appears at the right-bottom corner of UDIMagic) to display the Status Bar.
b) By default, UDIMagic imports data into the current Company in Tally. You can select / change the Company using the Status Bar.

Improved Speed wherein SCROLLHORIZONTALLY attribute is used
The SCROLLHORIZONTALLY attribute was introduced in UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.0. This feature supports looping mechanism to loop through the Columns in Excel Sheet. The current release has around 50% to 80% speed improvement in cases wherein the aforesaid SCROLLHORIZONTALLY attribute is used.

BoundToTally (for Advanced users only)
You can use the following option in UDIMagic.ini (configuration file) to specify the Tally details (with which UDIMagic is bound). This is required only if you wish to upload data to another Tally in LAN or Internet.



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Excel to Tally - AutoRun Demo

UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.4 supports AutoRun DEMO for Excel to Tally.

i.e. After downloading and installing UDIMagic v5.0, simply click on the DEMO button in the main screen. It starts the Demo and guides you about the steps for using UDIMagic to import Excel data into Tally.

You can download UDIMagic Demo from

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

UDIMagic v4.0 support to be discontinued from 1st January 2014

UDIMagic v4.0 (or lower versions) customers / users are requested to note that the support for UDIMagic v4.0 shall be discontinued from 1st January 2014 and there shall be no product enhancements in UDIMagic v4.0 thereafter.

Also, to avail technical support and product enhancements, users will have to upgrade to UDIMagic v5.0.

If XML tags are required for any new formats, then v5.0 compatible XML tags shall only be provided.

Friday, October 4, 2013

UDIMAGIC v5.0 Release 1.2


Computing Totals using curly braces {}
In earlier versions (i.e. v4.0 or lower), we had to use Macros (VBA) for computing totals of Excel Sheet data where ever required. Now from Release 1.2 onwards, we can use curly braces {} within XML tags to compute totals .

Fist, let us have a look at a simple Excel Formula as shown underneath:-

Formula:     =Round(H#,2)
The aforesaid Formula gives the rounded-value of a specific cell (say cell H2). The # symbol is replaced with Excel sheet row no at run-time. 

Now, let us have a look at the new syntax wherein curly braces are used:-

Formula with Totals:   ={Round(H#,2)}
The aforesaid Formula gives the running totals. Say a voucher starts from row 2 and ends at row 5, then this formula gives total of  cells H2 to H5.

This new feature is used to compute totals for Excel sheet data in following formats :-

You can use the aforesaid formats with UDIMagic v5.0 Release 1.2 onwards. Following are the noteworthy points :-

a) Sales and Purchase formats with StockItems; Multiple VAT rates.
Ex: VAT 5%,VAT6%,VAT7%......etc. You can have any number of VAT types in these formats and can use any number of Columns.

b) Other Ledgers like Frieght, Cash Discount....etc can also be specified.

There is no limit and you can use all Columns in the Excel sheet.

These formats can be downloaded from folder

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Excel : Active Method of Range Class Failed

Error MessageActive Method of Range Class Failed

Sympton / Cause of Error:
While importing data using UDIMagic from Excel into Tally, if you manually open any Excel sheet (the same file or any other excel file), in such situations you may get the aforesaid error.

This is due to MDI (Multiple Document Interface) feature of MS Excel wherein a single instance of Excel is opened and hence, if you are working on Excel programmatically using UDIMagic (or any other external application which uses Automation), you must not manually start  Excel or work in Excel simultaneously.

In simple words, you must not manually start Excel while UDIMagic is running. Although, you can open any Excel sheet(s) prior to starting UDIMagic and keep them opened, but should not manually move in Excel sheet or add/edit any data.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Understanding new features in v5.0


The SCROLLHORIZONTALLY attribute is like a Looping contruct / mechanism supported in programming languages. In other words, it allows you to loop through the Excel sheet Columns.

To understand what this attribute is, let's have a look at some tags required to create Ledger Masters (in v4.0 or lower) based on values given in Header Row in Excel Sheet.

XML tags required in UDIMagic v4.0 or lower versions
<!-- Create a Ledger Master based on value given in cell F1 -->
<PARENT>Indirect Expenses</PARENT>

<!-- Create a Ledger Master based on value given in cell G1 -->
<PARENT>Indirect Expenses</PARENT>

<!-- Create a Ledger Master based on value given in cell H1 -->
<PARENT>Indirect Expenses</PARENT>

1) In earlier versions (v4.0 or lower), the aforesaid tags were required to create 3 ledgers based on values given in Cell F1, G1, H1
2) We had to copy/paste the same XML tags and had to change the Cell-reference, in case if we wanted to create additional Ledgers for values given in I1, J1, K1,L1 and so on....

XML tags required in UDIMagic v5.0 onwards
<!--Create Ledger Masters based on value given in cell F1 and
scrollhorizontally till blank cell is found -->
<PARENT>Indirect Expenses</PARENT>

1) The SCROLLHORIZONTALLY attribute is used herein. It is similar to LOOP mechanism found in programming languages.
2) It contains a condition (any valid Excel Formula) which is evaluated at run-time. If the condition is true, then the COLUMN references used within the FORMULA are incremented.
3) In the aforesaid cited example,
>> the Ledger Name is initially taken from cell F1. It is then enters a loop and increments the Column-references in the formula
>> next, if the cell G1 contains any data, then the condition Len(G$1)>0 evaluates to true and ledger is created for value given in G1. It then again increments the Column-references in the Formula.
>> next, if the cell H1 contains any data, then the condition Len(H$1)>0 evaluates to true and ledger is created for value given in H1. It then again increments the Column-references in the Formula.
>> This looping process continues till the condition becomes false.
>> This way with lesser xml code, we can process any number of Excel sheet Columns.

You can download the sample Excel templates (supported by v5.0 only) from :-

Saturday, September 21, 2013


We are pleased to announce the launch of UDIMagic v5.0. The details are as under :-

UDIMagic v5.0 is now more EXTENSIBLE
SCROLLHORIZONALLY, a new feature (XML attribute) supported by UDIMagic v5.0 enables transfer of data from Excel to Tally wherein you can add data in any number of Columns.

Ex: An Excel template has Columns for "Sales 5%; VAT 5%; Sales 12.5%; VAT 12.5%", but you want few more Columns but without doing any changes in coding / xml tags. This new feature allows you to add ANY number of Columns with data as required (say Sales 15%, VAT 15%, Sales 20%, VAT 20% etc) without any modification.

Try out using these new sample templates provided with UDIMagic v5.0
a) Vouchers-V5-Sales-with-VAT-without-stockitems.xls
b) Vouchers-V5-Purchase-with-VAT-without-stockitems.xls

Supports DEBUGGING mode
You can now run UDIMagic v5.0 in normal mode (as usual) or in Debug mode. In the Debugging mode, you can upload / process records one-by-one and view the status along with the source and destination xml tags.

Settings / Options button
>> Create dependent Masters - Yes or No
Use this option to specify whether dependent Masters are to be created or not, before uploading Vouchers into Tally.

>> Warn if dependent Masters do not exist in Tally - Yes or No
Displays a warning message along with list of dependent Masters that do not exist in Tally.

>> Allow import even if multiple Companies are open in Tally - Yes or No
This is required / useful when you want to Import data into Multiple Companies from a single Excel sheet.

>> Allow Debugging - Yes or No
Displays a Debug button which allow you to run UDIMagic in Debugging mode.

UDIMagic v5.0 - Licensing
No need to surrender UDIMagic license when you format the hard disk or change the system. UDIMagic is bound to your Tally Serial Number.

UDIMagic v3.0 / v4.0 users can upgrade to the UDIMagic v5.0. The upgradation charges are as follows depending upon the version :-

Rs   750/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Light to UDIMagic v5.0 Light
Rs 1500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Standard  to UDIMagic v5.0 Standard  
Rs 3000/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Professional to UDIMagic v5.0 Professional

Rs 1200/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Light to UDIMagic v5.0 Light
Rs 2500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Standard  to UDIMagic v5.0 Standard  
Rs 4500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Professional to UDIMagic v5.0 Professional

The above charges are for Single-User version. For Multi-user version, the charges will be 2.5 times that of the Single-user charges as shown above.

Customers who have purchased UDIMagic v4.0 on or after 20/06/2013 shall be provided upgrades free-of-charge.

Download UDIMagic demo version from

Friday, July 19, 2013

System folders on Windows 64 bit

This article relates to UDIMagic offline activation

The following folders are there in Windows 64 bit OS

1) "c:\windows\system32"  - This contains 64 bit files
2) "c:\windows\syswow64" - This contains the 32 bit files

You must copy the UDIMAGIC.DAT (which is generated in the UDIMagic offline registration process)  into the "c:\windows\syswow64" folder on Windows 64 bit OS.

In Windows XP (32 bit), there is only one folder viz "c:\windows\system32" and you must place the UDIMAGIC.DAT file in this folder.

Friday, June 21, 2013


The following sample Excel sheet formats are now available for UDIMagic users :-

1) Receipt Vouchers with MULTIPLE REFERENCES

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The following sample Excel sheet format is now available for UDIMagic users :-

StockItem Master - Deletion

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deleting bulk Masters in Tally ERP 9

UDIMagic v4.0 Release 2.5 supports "Deletion of Masters (in bulk)" in addition to creation and alteration of Masters (Excel to Tally)

The ISDELETED tag is used to specify whether the Master is to be deleted or not.

Example 1 (Fixed value)

Example 2 (Value for tag taken from Excel sheet Column C)

UDIMagic already supports ISDELETED tag for VOUCHERs

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tally ERP 9 Release 4.51 Compatibilty

This is to confirm that UDIMagic (all versions) work with the latest Tally release i.e. Tally ERP 9 Release 4.51

1) All versions of UDIMagic including v1.0 launched in 2007 are compatible with the latest version of Tally ERP 9 Release 4.51