Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Excel : Active Method of Range Class Failed

Error MessageActive Method of Range Class Failed

Sympton / Cause of Error:
While importing data using UDIMagic from Excel into Tally, if you manually open any Excel sheet (the same file or any other excel file), in such situations you may get the aforesaid error.

This is due to MDI (Multiple Document Interface) feature of MS Excel wherein a single instance of Excel is opened and hence, if you are working on Excel programmatically using UDIMagic (or any other external application which uses Automation), you must not manually start  Excel or work in Excel simultaneously.

In simple words, you must not manually start Excel while UDIMagic is running. Although, you can open any Excel sheet(s) prior to starting UDIMagic and keep them opened, but should not manually move in Excel sheet or add/edit any data.

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