Wednesday, March 29, 2023

udiMagic v11 Release 4.5

 udiMagic v11 r4.5

Changes in Excel template

Template Name: Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-Without-Stockitems-Advanced.xls
Modifications: Added new column Party Alias (Column I)

udiMagic v11 r4.4

MySQL to Tally

  • Date format changed to yyyymmdd for MySQL to Tally.
  • FromDate And ToDate can now be specified in the udiMagic screen itself and the same will be substituted in the query automatically.

udiMagic v11 r4.3

MySQL to Tally 

File : MySQL-GST-Sales.xml
Bug: Even though GSTIN is not specified, the GSTTYPE appears as Registered. This has been fixed now.

Changes in Standard template

Template Name: Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls
Modifications: TCS amount is now rounded to 2 decimals instead of 0.

udiMagic v11 r4.2 and r4.1

Bug: Disable SSL option not working. Now rectified.
Affected Releases : v11 r4.1