Thursday, June 13, 2024

Run-time error 91

Error : Run-time error 91
Error description : Object variable or With block variable not set

Problem Description
The aforesaid error appears when you click the "Open your Excel file" button in udiMagic Standard template and then select an Excel file having the same name as the standard template file.

You cannot open two Excel files having the same name at the same time. The solution is to rename one of the files.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

udiMagic v12 Release 2.7

 udiMagic v12 r2.7

The following changes have been done in the templates:

1. Master-LedgerMaster.xls 

Added the following columns:
- CC-Email (Column AC)


Problem description
In udiMagic settings, CreateDependentMasters is set as disabled and WarnIfMasterDoNotExists is set as enabled. On importing Vouchers, the udiMagic software generates incorrect Warning message showing that the Ledger Master does NOT exists even though it exists in Tally. This happens when the name contains special character like & (ampersign)

The aforesaid issue has been fixed in Version 12 Release 2.7

udiMagic v12 Release 2.6

udiMagic v12 r2.6

The following changes have been done in the templates:

1. Master-LedgerMaster.xls 

Added the following columns:


2. Master-GSTClassification.xls 

HSN description is NOT imported. This has been fixed now.

Modules Updated
Updated TeamviewerQS (Teamviewer Quick Support module)

New Release : 13.2.36224
Old Release  : 13.2.36217

udiMagic v12 Release 2.5

udiMagic v12 r2.5

The following changes have been done in the templates:

1. Vouchers-V12-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls 
a. Added column for: IRN QRCODE

2. Vouchers-V12-Financial-Transactions-Advanced.xl
a. Added columns for Buyer details

3. Vouchers-V11-Receipts-and-Payments-with-multiple-references.xls 
a. Added Columns for 5 more ledgers

4. Master-GSTClassification.xls 
a. Compatibility with Tally Prime 3.0

5. Master-StockGroupMaster.xls 
a. Compatibility with Tally Prime 3.0

6. Master-LedgerMaster.xls 
a. Added details for MSME for compatibility with Tally Prime 4.1

7. Master-StockItemMaster.xls 
a. Conditionally set the value of tag SRCOFGSTDETAILS based on value in Column AX.


1. Vouchers-V12-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls 

a. GSTOVRDNASSESSABLEVALUE amount is incorrect when there are multiple items of the same tax-slab. This has been now fixed.

b. When there are no items, the grouping of Sales/Purchase ledger is now done based on:
    Ledger name (CB) + Tax (DI or DK)

c. If NARRATION or PARTADDRESSTYPE is removed from Excel sheet and data is reimported, the earlier value still remains in Tally. This has been fixed now.

d. Sales entries (without Stockitems) having DISCOUNT do NOT appear correctly in GST Reports. This issue has been fixed.

e. TCS ledger effect does NOT appear correctly in case of Credit Note. This has been fixed now.

2. Vouchers-V11-Financial-Transactions-Single-line-entry-Advanced.xls

The COSTCATEGORY is to be taken from K# instead of J#. This has been fixed now.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Import Tally data from a remote login

Can I export or import Tally data from a Remote Login?

Tally data can be exported from a remote user login. However, import of data is not allowed using a remote login.