Friday, August 28, 2009

Slow uploading of data into Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 Speed Issues

In case, if you are using Tally ERP 9 and are importing data into your existing Tally Company which contains hundreds or thousands of Masters (Ledger Masters or StockItem Masters), you may experience very slow speed while processing of Masters.

We have already written to Tally Solutions, Bangalore sometime back about this and it has been confirmed to be an issue / problem with Tally ERP 9. You can get more information about this issue (Tally ERP 9 speed issues with SELECT SQL) at

UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.97 uses a different technique to process the Masters records. This eliminates the use of SELECT SQL and results in improved performance.

If you are using Tally ERP 9 and experiencing slow speeds, please follow these steps :-

1) Upgrade to UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.97 (or higher)
2) Make the following changes in the UDIMAGIC.INI (configuration file)

;;Add this line under the UDIMAGIC heading

3) Save the UDIMAGIC.INI file and retry importing data into Tally ERP 9 using UDIMagic.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to export Party Name's and Addresses from Tally to MS-Excel

Tally to MS-Excel

"How do I export the Party Names and their addresses from Tally to MS-Excel ?"

You can get the aforesaid details in Tally using UDIMagic Free Edition.

Steps :-
1) Download and install UDIMagic Free Edition from this link

2) Use the following SELECT statement to retrieve Party Names and addresses.

Select $Name,$_Address1,$_Address2,$_Address3,$_Address4,$_Address5,
$StateName,$PinCode,$LedgerPhone,$Email,$ClosingBalance From LEDGER
where $$IsChildOf:$$GroupSundryDebtors


Select $Name,$_Address1,$_Address2,$_Address3,$_Address4,$_Address5,
$StateName,$PinCode,$LedgerPhone,$Email,$ClosingBalance From LEDGER
where $$IsBelongsTo:$$GroupSundryDebtors

The $$IsBelongsTo:$$GroupSundryDebtors function is used to retrieve Ledgers which fall directly under the group "Sundry Debtors" or sub-groups created under "Sundry Debtors"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VBA Macro - Speed up

Excel to Tally
If you have Excel VBA macro code (using with UDIMagic) that runs slow, the chances are it's caused by Excel having to recalculate at each line of code.

The code below shown how we can switch calculation into manual, run some code, then put it back how it was.

Sub GoToManual()

Dim xlCalc As XlCalculation

xlCalc = Application.Calculation
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
On Error GoTo CalcBack


Application.Calculation = xlCalc
Exit Sub


Application.Calculation = xlCalc
End Sub