Thursday, July 28, 2016

Support Desk

Support Desk / Ticket system
To get  help / assistance or support, you must use the Support Desk (Ticket system) as given underneath :

1) During the 90 days FREE Support period (or AMC period)
Click the above link or copy/paste in Internet Explorer

2) After the 90 days FREE Support period (if AMC is not renewed)
Click the above link or copy/paste in Internet Explorer

1) Only ZIP files can be attached in the Support Desk / ticket system.
2) Support Issues must NOT be sent to our email ids (as done earlier) as the emails shall not be monitored for support-related issues from now onwards.
3) Support Issues shall NOT be entertained on telephone.
4) It is mandatory to mention your udiMagic Serial No in the Support ticket.
5) In case, if the 90 days Free Support period has expired, you must make payment for the Support Charges as applicable. The Support Charges do NOT include any Customization i.e. support for any XML tags modification / Mapping of Custom formats.
6) The normal response time is 24 hrs to 48 hrs.

udiMagic Standard version Value Pack

The software / product named udiMagic Standard version Value pack has been now been discontinued.

1) Customers must go for udiMagic Standard version Normal Pack and if any Customized formats are required, they must pay for the Customization / XML charges separately.
2) Also, AMC (Annual Maintenance Charges), shall now include Operating Support only. If any changes / modifications are required, it has to be paid for separately.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Vouchers with multiple Refs, Cost Centres

Vouchers with multiple Refs, Cost Centres modifications

This format now supports multiple Cost Categories also. i.e. for each ledger, you can specify :
a) Multiple Cost Categories
b) Multiple Cost Centres (for each Cost Category)
c) Multiple Bill References

Download link (all templates) :

You can now view what changes have been done, when these changes were done by visiting