Saturday, October 22, 2011


UDIMagic supports a tag named COMPANYNAME which allows uploading of data to the specified Company.


The above tag is useful when you to need transfer data to more than one companies. For ex. you may have an excel sheet wherein some entries are to be uploaded to Company A in Tally, some entries to Company B and other entries to Company C in Tally. This is feasible using the COMPANYNAME tag

Monday, October 3, 2011

Focus to Tally

Here are sample files for importing data from Focus ERP Software to Tally

1) Sales Vouchers with Stock Items, Excise, VAT, Amortization of Expenses
2) Purchase Vouchers with Stock Items, Excise, VAT

Excel to Tally - Sample Excel sheet formats

The following sample Excel sheet format is now available for UDIMagic users :-

Sales Vouchers for Ashok Leyland Dealers