Saturday, September 21, 2013


We are pleased to announce the launch of UDIMagic v5.0. The details are as under :-

UDIMagic v5.0 is now more EXTENSIBLE
SCROLLHORIZONALLY, a new feature (XML attribute) supported by UDIMagic v5.0 enables transfer of data from Excel to Tally wherein you can add data in any number of Columns.

Ex: An Excel template has Columns for "Sales 5%; VAT 5%; Sales 12.5%; VAT 12.5%", but you want few more Columns but without doing any changes in coding / xml tags. This new feature allows you to add ANY number of Columns with data as required (say Sales 15%, VAT 15%, Sales 20%, VAT 20% etc) without any modification.

Try out using these new sample templates provided with UDIMagic v5.0
a) Vouchers-V5-Sales-with-VAT-without-stockitems.xls
b) Vouchers-V5-Purchase-with-VAT-without-stockitems.xls

Supports DEBUGGING mode
You can now run UDIMagic v5.0 in normal mode (as usual) or in Debug mode. In the Debugging mode, you can upload / process records one-by-one and view the status along with the source and destination xml tags.

Settings / Options button
>> Create dependent Masters - Yes or No
Use this option to specify whether dependent Masters are to be created or not, before uploading Vouchers into Tally.

>> Warn if dependent Masters do not exist in Tally - Yes or No
Displays a warning message along with list of dependent Masters that do not exist in Tally.

>> Allow import even if multiple Companies are open in Tally - Yes or No
This is required / useful when you want to Import data into Multiple Companies from a single Excel sheet.

>> Allow Debugging - Yes or No
Displays a Debug button which allow you to run UDIMagic in Debugging mode.

UDIMagic v5.0 - Licensing
No need to surrender UDIMagic license when you format the hard disk or change the system. UDIMagic is bound to your Tally Serial Number.

UDIMagic v3.0 / v4.0 users can upgrade to the UDIMagic v5.0. The upgradation charges are as follows depending upon the version :-

Rs   750/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Light to UDIMagic v5.0 Light
Rs 1500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Standard  to UDIMagic v5.0 Standard  
Rs 3000/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v4.0 Professional to UDIMagic v5.0 Professional

Rs 1200/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Light to UDIMagic v5.0 Light
Rs 2500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Standard  to UDIMagic v5.0 Standard  
Rs 4500/- Upgrade from UDIMagic v3.0 Professional to UDIMagic v5.0 Professional

The above charges are for Single-User version. For Multi-user version, the charges will be 2.5 times that of the Single-user charges as shown above.

Customers who have purchased UDIMagic v4.0 on or after 20/06/2013 shall be provided upgrades free-of-charge.

Download UDIMagic demo version from

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