Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Working with UDFs - Singapore GST

FAQs: Excel to Tally

"Can I use UDIMagic to import UDF's (user-defined-fields) data from Excel into Tally ?"

Yes. UDIMagic supports all Tally Masters and Voucher-types including Tally UDFs (User-defined-fields). To be more specific, UDIMagic can process whatever data that you can manually enter in Tally Software for any Master or Voucher.

Herein, we shall take up sample Excel sheets which contain Purchase and Sales Vouchers data including UDF data that is to be imported into Tally.

Singapore GST
A TCP file (GST72.TCP) has been provided by Tally Solutions, Bangalore that provides new reports/fields required by Tally Customers in Singapore.

The sample Excel-sheets provided herewith contain a field for GST (Goods and Service Tax) that is to be imported into a UDF which is created using TDL (i.e. GST72.TCP file). GST is applicable in Signpore and is similar to VAT that is applicable in INDIA.

Learn more about "Using UDIMagic to import data including UDF (Singapore GST) into Tally Software".

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