Saturday, December 20, 2014

Multiple Price Levels in Tally ERP

UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1 supports creation of "n" number of Price Levels. This can be done using the template named "Master-V6-StockItem-Multiple-price-levels.xls"

There is no limitation on the number of price levels that can be created. You can use all the Columns in the Excel sheet (if required).

Works with Tally ERP 9 Release 1.0 and higher versions.

a) UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1 automatically creates the Price levels and sets / updates the prices in Stock Item Master. There is no need to manually create Price Levels in Tally using "F11 >> Inventory Features >> Use Multiple Price Levels". 

b) In the older versions of UDIMagic, the Price levels had to be created manually in Tally Software using "F11 >> Inventory Features >> Use Multiple Price Levels"

c) The Excel template "Master-V6-StockItem-Multiple-price-levels.xls" gets created in the "c:\udi-magic"  when you install the UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.1

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