Tuesday, November 6, 2007

ID or Key-field for Vouchers

FAQs: Transfer of Voucher data from Excel to Tally using udi-Magic v2.0

The sample Excel sheets provided with udi-Magic v2.0 (for Vouchers) contains a Column titled as ID. What is this ID and why is it required ?

To identify records in any Database, a key field (also known as primary key-field) is required. This key-field contains unique values. Tally Software uses a key-field (i.e. GUID) to uniquely identify the Voucher Transactions. In short, to transfer Vouchers from Excel to Tally using udi-Magic, your Excel sheet must have a key-field.

How to specify the key-field in Excel sheet ?

This can be done in two ways:-

1) Specify the Column-heading as ID

Refer the sample Excel sheet "Vouchers - Financial Transactions" provided withe udi-Magic v2.0. Note that this Excel sheet contains a Column titled as ID.

2) If you want to have a different Column-heading, then you need to use XML tags as given below:-


- The above XML tags are to be written in the Comments section of the Cell which contains the Column-heading.
- Refer the sample Excel sheet "Vouchers - Sales Transaction with StockItems" provided with udi-Magic v2.0. Note that the field INV-NO contains XML tags in the Comments section which specify that INV-NO is the key-field.

Can I use alpha-numeric values for the ID field ?

Yes. You can use Alpha-numeric or Numeric values for the ID field. The only thing you need to take care is that it must be unique and must be of eight characters, otherwise udi-Magic trims or pads it with 0's.

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