Monday, November 19, 2007

Sales Vouchers with Salesman UDF

FAQs: Transfer data from MS-Excel to Tally using UDI-Magic

Can I use Voucher data with UDFs and transfer it from MS-Excel to Tally ?

Yes. UDI-Magic v2.0 Release 1.05 supports UDF's.

To try-out Importing Vouchers with UDF's into Tally, you need to have the following:-
a) udi-Magic v2.0 Release 1.05
b) TDL24 (TDL code for Salesman UDF)
c) Vouchers - Sales Transactions with Salesman UDF.xls (Excel sheet)

Step 1
Download the TDL24 program. This TDL code creates a new field SALESNAME which appears in the Sales Voucher entry screen.

Step 2
To use the above TDL, you need to make changes in your Tally.ini file and specify the TDL24 file as given below:-

User TDL = YES
TDL = C:\tally\tdl24.txt

Step 3
Download and Install the udi-Magic software

Step 4
Download the Excel sheet "Vouchers - Sales Transctions with Salesman UDF.xls" and copy it to C:\udi-Magic folder

Step 5
Run the udi-Magic software and import Voucher data.

For any clarifications, write to sales @ rtslink . com (remove spaces)

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