Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Templates (added/removed)

Excel to Tally templates
Applicable to : udi-Magic v8.0 Release 2.6

The following changes have been done in the Standard templates :

A new template named Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase.xls is added having the following features :

1. Provision to hide or show columns
You can now hide or show columns using the sheet "EnableDisableFeatures" from within the template itself.

2. Other Ledgers before GST Taxes
You can now specify Freight, Packing and other ledgers before the GST Taxes so that they are included in computation of GST Taxes. However, this can be done if there is only one StockItem in the Invoice or all StockItems have the same GST rate.

3. Includes
  • Godown and Item Batch details; 
  • Cost Category and Cost Centre; 
  • Order and Tracking details;
  • Actual and Billed Qty;
  • Buyer and Consignee details;
  • GST Taxes including UT Tax and Cess;
  • Auto-Round off.
4. Supports the following Voucher types :
  • Sales Order, Delivery note, Sales, Credit Note;
  • Purchase Order, Receipt Note, Purchase, Debit Note
5. Replaces
This templates substitutes the template "Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase-Advanced.xls" which is now discontintued. However, the Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase-Advanced.xls template is still available in the  folder "c:\udi-Magic\templates-discontinued"

The template Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase.xls will ONLY work with udi-Magic v8.0 Release 2.6 or higher.

OLD TEMPLATEs (removed)
The template Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase-Advanced.xls has been removed.

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