Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Templates modification

Excel to Tally templates - Modifications
Applicable to : udi-Magic v8.0 Release 2.4

The following new features have been added in the Master-StockItemMaster.xls template.

1. Provision to hide or show columns
You can now hide or show columns using the sheet "EnableDisableFeatures" from within the template itself.

2. Default Accounting Allocations
Separate columns for "Default Accounting Allocation for Sales" and "Default Accounting Allocation for Purchase" have now been kept.

3. New column for MRP Effective date
You can now specify the MRP Rate and the effective date. Please read the remarks in the template regarding MRP.

The data starts from Row No 3 (instead of Row no 2) in this template.

You can download (all latest templates for udi-Magic v8.0) the zip file from this link :

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