Thursday, July 13, 2017

Templates modification

Excel to Tally templates - Modifications
Applicable to : udi-Magic v8.0 Release 2.2

The following new fields have been added in the Master-StockItemMaster.xls template.

: Old Name
Description : Specify the StockItem Name or Part Number for which you want to update / set GST Taxes and other values.
1. If you already have StockItems in Tally and want to set / update the GST details or other fields, you can specify the Part Number or Item Name, and other details as required.
2. Mandatory for modifying StockItem and optional while creating new StockItems.

Field : UT Tax
Description : Specify the UT Tax rate (i.e. union territory tax)
Remarks : As STATE TAX is for States, the UT-TAX is for Union territories.

Issues Fixed : Tax Computation not displayed / printed in Invoice printing
Remarks : The Tax Analysis was not displayed (at the bottom) in the Invoice printing, if CESS-RATE field is kept empty. This issue has been fixed now.

You can download (all templates) the zip file from this link :

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