Monday, May 19, 2008

Using UDIMagic to Import Price List into Tally 9

Here's a sample Excel sheet that contains StockItem Master records with multiple Price Levels.

For those who are not familiar with the Price List (Multiple Price Level) feature of Tally, here's a brief introduction:-

Price List in Tally 9

Tally Software allows you to maintain different Price Levels for a single Stock-Item. For example, a stock-item may be sold at different rates to :-

a) Whole-sale Dealers
b) Retailers
c) End-users

Tally Software provides "Multiple Price Levels" feature that allows you to accomplish this task.

Enabling the Multiple Price Level feature

To import Stock-Item Masters with multiple Price Level from the sample Excel sheet, you must first enable the Multiple Price-level feature in Tally using the underneath option :-

Gateway of Tally -> F11 -> Inventory features -> Use Multiple Price Levels=Yes

Follow these steps to Import the Excel sheet data into Tally Software.

1) Download and unzip the files into "c:\udi-magic" folder.
2) Start the Tally software and create/open a Dummy Company.
3) Enable the Multiple Price Level feature using F11 -> Inventory Features option. Next, add two Price Levels viz a) MRP b) ListPrice
4) Minimize Tally Software
5) Run UDIMagic utility, select option "Excel to Tally -> Master".
6) Next, select the Excel sheet prompted.
7) Next, follow the instructions in the wizard to import data into Tally.

1) XML tags are written in the comments section of Cell c1 of the Excel Sheet. These XML tags are used by UDIMagic to identify and read data from the Excel sheet and send it to Tally Software.
2) XML tags for using Price-List feature are given below:-

<!-- Specify the Price Level here -->
<!-- Specify the Rate here. Ex: <RATE>50.00 / Nos</RATE> -->
<RATE FORMULA="=+F# &amp; &quot;/&quot; &amp; E#"/>

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