Thursday, May 1, 2008

Set / Modify default Ledger for Stock Items in Tally 9

Here's a case wherein the Customer already had few thousand Stock-Item Master records in Tally 9. The requirement was to set the Default Ledger for these Stock-Items.

As all the Stock-Items were of similar type (i.e. spares parts), a common ledger was to be assigned to all the Stock-Items. Example:-

Stock-Item Name : Bush
Ledger Name : Sales @ 12.5%
VAT : Sales @ 12.5%
Posting : 100%

Though this could be easily done if we could directly access the Tally database, like using REPLACE or UPDATE (SQL) in other programming languages to update any database/table.

Herein, we had follow these steps:-
1) Export the Stock-Item Masters from Tally 9 into Excel sheet
2) Add the Ledger Name; VAT; Posting details in Excel sheet
3) Copy/paste the Ledger-name;VAT; Posting details to all Stock-Items in the Excel-sheet.
4) Next, import the data into Tally 9 using UDIMagic utility.

Download the Excel sheet and XML tags for

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