Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stock Item Masters with Batch expiry

Here's a sample Excel-sheet that contains StockItem Masters with Batch expiry and Multiple Locations.

As we are using Multiple-Godown and Batch-wise expiry features, the StockItem Master records may span to multiple rows, as seen in the sample Excel-sheet. The NAME field (i.e. StockItem Name) is used as the Key-field.

We are also using a Macro file which is required to do some calculations at run-time. Due to this, you may get an error message, if you are using Excel 2003 or higher. To solve this issue, refer FAQ: "Programmatic access to Visual basic project is not trusted".

Follow these steps to Import the Excel sheet data into Tally Software.

1) Download and unzip the files into "c:\udi-magic" folder.
Though you can keep these files in any folder, the Macro-file must always be kept in the "c:\udi-magic" folder.

2) Start the Tally software and create/open a Dummy Company.

3) Enable the following features using F11 key :-
a) Maintain Multiple Godowns
b) Maintain Batch-wise details

4) Minimize Tally Software
5) Run UDIMagic utility, select option "Excel to Tally -> Master".

6) Next, select the Excel sheet and the XML-tags file when prompted.
Note that the XML-tags file is to be selected in the same screen in which you are prompted to select the Excel-sheet.

7) Next, follow the instructions given in the wizard-screen to import data into Tally.

ZIP file contents
1) stockitem-with-batch-expiry.xls (Excel sheet)
2) stockitem-with-batch-expiry-xml-tags.xml (XML tags file)
3) stockitem-with-batch-expiry-macro.txt (contains macros)

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