Friday, November 2, 2018


We are pleased to announce the launch of udiMagic v10 

The details are as under :-

Backward compatibility for Old Templates
With udiMagic v10 onwards, the old-templates (i.e. excel templates  of v9.0 r2.3 or higher) are  included in a folder named "old-templates" within the folder where the udiMagic software is installed. 

Here's what is means. 

In udiMagic v10, if you use an old template (i.e. v9. r2.3 or higher), the XML file for that template will be selected automatically by the udiMagic software. Prior to this, if you used a template of  older version, you had to manually select the XML file for that template to upload data into Tally.

Bulk record processing for UNDO entries
UNDO entries is a feature which allows the user to remove / delete the entries which were previously imported into Tally using udiMagic. By default, when you use the option UNDO entries, the records are processed one-by-one and are removed / deleted from Tally. 

A new option "Bulk upload / record processing for UNDO entries" has been now included in udiMagic Settings. When this option is ticked / enabled, the records are processed in Bulk. By default, this option is disabled.

Templates Modifications

1. Vouchers-V10-Receipts-and-Payments-with-multiple-references.xls
The DATE (Column B) has been shifted after the VCHNO column.

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