Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Import ICICI Bank statement from Excel to Tally

You can now directly import the ICICI [Current account] Bank Statement into Tally ERP using udiMagic Excel to Tally converter.

Import ICICI Bank Statement from Excel to Tally

  1. Start Tally and open a Company
  2. Start udiMagic
  3. Select option "Excel to Tally"
  4. Select option "Import data into Tally"
  5. Click the Browse button and select the Excel file "Vouchers-Bank-Statement-ICICI-Current.xls"
  6. Select the XML file "Vouchers-Bank-Statement-ICICI-Current-XML-tags.xml"
  7. Click the Start button
To view the data imported in Tally, use the option "Gateway of Tally | Display | Daybook"

If you do NOT have udiMagic Software installed in your computer, you must first download the udiMagic DEMO / Trial version

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