Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Import Branch Office Tally data into Head Office Tally

In UDIMagic v3.0 Release 1.64, the Branch to Head Office feature supports data transformation also. Here are some examples of data transformation :-

Example 1 : Transform Sales vouchers as "Branch Sales"
Assuming that at your Branch Office, "Sales" vouchers are entered. Your requirement is that when the Branch-data is imported into the Head Office Tally, it must be imported as "Branch Sales" vouchers.

Example 2: Import specific Voucher-types only
At you Branch-Office, various type of entries like "Sales", "Receipt", "Payment" etc are done in Tally. You need to import the Branch-Office data in your Head-Office Tally, but only the "Sales" entries are to be imported, that too as "Branch Sales".

1) We have listed some examples of data transformation.
2) UDIMagic [Professional] provides two features viz Tally-to-Tally and Branch-to-HO which support Data-transformation.
3) Almost all-types of Data-transformation can be done.

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