Friday, November 14, 2008

Excel to Tally || Mapping of fields


"How is the mapping of Excel sheet cells done with the Tally fields ?"

UDIMagic uses XML tags for mapping Excel Sheet cells with the Tally fields. The XML tags can be written using any text-editor like NOTEPAD.

There are two ways of writing XML tags viz
1) In the Comments of Cell A1 (or any other cell in 1st row) in the Excel sheet itself
2) In a separate file with extension XML.

For those who are totally new to XML, initially it may be difficult to digest all these things. But then, it is not very difficult.

We have provided several tutorials at Learn-Tally-XML-Tags blog-site

There is one more tutorial which covers the basics of "Writing XML tags" with step-by-step Instructions.

You can get several other good reference / links from our web-site at

PS: End-users need not worry about learning XML tags to use UDIMagic. Shweta Softwares provides the XML tags. Refer for more information.

You can open XML files in IE (Internet Explorer) or any other browser. However, to edit it you must use a Text-editor or XML-editor.

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