Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ole Error 800A03EC

FAQs: Excel to Tally

"I am using udi-Magic to import Vouchers from Excel into Tally 9. While importing the data, udi-Magic shows an error message "Ole Error 800A03EC".

It is likely that you are using a FORMULA in the XML tags which is incorrect. In case if you are using several FORMULA's then you must test-check each FORMULA. This can be done by tying out the Formula directly in the MS-EXCEL sheet itself.

For Example, if the XML tags have a Formula as shown underneath:-
FORMULA="=F# & "/" & O#"
You can test-check the above formula in EXCEL as given underneath:-

In the Excel sheet, enter the formula given underneath in any cell (say cell Z2).
=F2 & "/" & O2

You need to test-check each FORMULA that is used in your XML tags. If you get error message while testing the Formula in EXCEL, it means that Formula is incorrect.

In XML, there are certain characters which have special meaning and are called ESCAPE SEQUENCES. You can get more information about Escape Sequences from this link:-

XML Escape sequences

In simple words, a formula used in Excel sheet is to be changed when used in XML tags as given underneath:-

Excel sheet formula:-
=F2 & "/" & O2

XML tags formula :-
FORMULA="=F# & "/" & O#"

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