Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Introducing udi-Magic v3.0 Professional version

Tally Integration made Easy

udi-Magic v3.0 Professional allows you to retrieve data from External databases and send it directly to Tally Software.

Useful for Software Developers
udi-Magic professional is particularly useful for Software Developers / programmers who wish to INTEGRATE their software with Tally Accounting Software. Instead of modifying the existing program code, Developers can integrate with Tally by merely writing few SQL-SELECT and XML tags.

Useful for End-Users
Users (i.e. end-users) who wish to Integrate software with Tally but do not have the source-code of the program can do it using udi-Magic professional. Full support is provided by for writing SQL-SELECT statements and XML tags for Tally Integration.

In the coming days/weeks, support for additional databases shall be included in the udiMagic professional version.

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