Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Using SQL-Select to fetch Ledger Master Closing balances

FAQs: Tally data from Tally to MS-Excel using udi-Magic

I have downloaded udi-Magic and used the option "Tally to Excel" to pull Ledger master data. i.e. Name and Closingbalance. When I view the same in MS-Excel and add totals to it, there is difference in Debit, Credit Totals. What could be the reason ? My Trial balance totals match and their is no such difference.

The SQL-SELECT statement used is :-
SELECT $name,$closingbalance FROM ledger

When you pull data using the above SELECT-statement, Tally returns all Ledgers and their closing balances. This may include :-
a) "Profit & Loss a/c"
b) "Gain/loss on Forex transactions"


Point 1
Excel sheet data will show "Profit & Loss a/c" figure and/or "Gain/loss on Forex transactions".

Trial Balance in Tally will not show the "Profit & Loss" figure and/or "Gain/Loss on Forex transactions".

Point 2
This is not a bug with udi-Magic. When we fetch data from Tally, using the SELECT statement, Tally returns all ledgers with closing balances. This includes "Profit/Loss a/c" also.

Whereas Trial balance does not display the "Profit/Loss a/c figure".

If you have seen the TDL of Trial balance, you can know that there are several conditions and one of those filters Profit & Loss a/c. You can compare all the balances in your Excel sheet with that in Tally. Only, the Profit/Loss or Gain/Loss will be not there in Tally TB.

If you use RTSlink DLL, even in that case you shall get the same result i.e. Ledgers which include "Profit/Loss account".

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