Monday, December 3, 2007

Features supported by udi-Magic

FAQs: Transfer data from MS-Excel to Tally using udi-Magic

I have an Excel file with a different data-format. This type of data is not there in the sample Excel sheets provided with along udi-Magic. Can I import this into Tally using udi-Magic ?

Yes. There can be hundreds of formats. For evaluation purpose, few sample Excel sheets have been provided that include both Vouchers and Masters.

UDI-Magic supports all data that you can manually enter in Tally software for any type of Voucher or Master. The only thing you need to do is to tell what data you have in your Excel sheet and where is it stored in the Excel sheet. This is done using XML tags which are to be written in the comments section of cell A1 (or any cell in 1st row).

I do not know XML. Can I still use udi-Magic ?

Yes. Full support is provided to Registered users for writing XML tags. Alternatively, just provide us the Excel-sheet which contains your data and we shall do the rest. (Support services available to Registered users i.e. those who have purchased and registered udi-Magic).

For Evaluation purpose we have provided sample Excel sheets. We shall come out with more sample sheets from time-to-time.

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