Friday, June 17, 2022

udiMagic v11 Release 3.2

Version 11 Release 3.2

New Feature : Import data into a specific / fixed Company in Tally

This feature allows import of data into a FIXED Company in Tally. The CompanyName has to be mentioned in the udimagic.ini file.

Steps to update the udimagic.ini file

  • Close Tally software, if running
  • Close udiMagic software, if running
  • Goto the "c:\udiMagicV11" folder (The folder name may vary depending upon the version)
  • Locate the file udimagic.ini
  • Open the udimagic.ini file in Notepad.
  • Look for section [ExcelToTally] and add the following under it
    • CompanyName = MyTallyCompany
  • If the section [ExcelToTally] is not there in udimagic.ini, then add it.
  • Save the udimagic.ini file.
  • Restart Tally
  • Restart udiMagic. Now, a message will be displayed at startup with the CompanyName in which data will be imported.
  • Follow the steps to import data into Tally

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