Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Max 65535 rows in XLS

XLS format files

Excel 2003 and earlier versions use the XLS format. In this format, the maximum number of rows supported are 65535. 

As the Standard templates provided with udiMagic Software are of XLS format, the maximum number of rows available are 65535 in Excel 2003 or lower versions. However, you can save the file as xlsx or xlsm or xlsb for more than 65535 rows as shown below.

XLSX format files

Excel 2007 supports XLSX format files in which the maximum number of available rows are 1048576.

1. If you want more than 65535 rows, then you must install or upgrade to Excel 2007 or higher version.
2. Next, open the udiMagic Standard template and then use the option Save As to save the file with extension XLSX or XLSM or XLSB.

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