Wednesday, October 23, 2019

udiMagic v11 Release 1.3

The following new features have been  incorporated in udiMagic v11 Release 1.3:

Data Grouping or GroupBy

udiMagic now supports data-grouping. This feature makes it possible to automatically import summarized data into Tally ERP. Here's an example :

SOURCE : Excel Sheet extract - Sales with StockItems

As you can see, the Item 1 appears 3 times and Item 2 appears twice in the given data. Now, here's how this data will be imported into Tally when groupby is enabled.

DESTINATION : Tally screen - After importing data using udiMagic 

As you can see, the Item 1 and Item 2 quantity and value are now grouped.

Item 1 (3 + 2 + 5 = 10 Nos)
Item 2 (4 + 6 = 10 Nos)

1. The Data-Grouping feature is now supported by the template "Vouchers-Sales-Purchase-with-StockItems-Advanced.xls"
2. A new field / column GroupBy has been added. 
3. A sample Sales entry with GroupBy set as Yes has been included in the said Standard template.


1. Master-StockItemMaster.xls

The following new fields have been added :
a. Cess on Quantity (Column BI)
b. State Cess on Quantity (Column BK)

2. Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-with-Stockitems-Advanced.xls

The following new fields have been added :
a. Shipping Bill No (Column FQ)
b. Shipping Bill Date (Column FR)
c. Port Code (Column FS)


1. Vouchers-V11-Sales-Purchase-with-Stockitems-Advanced.xls

An error "Cost Centre xxx does not support forex amount" appears when Sales or Purchase entry without Stockitems is imported in Tally and the entry included Cost Centres and forex currency. This issue has now been corrected.

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