Saturday, September 14, 2019

udiMagic v10 Release 2.2

The template "Vouchers-V10-Sales-Purchase-With-Stockitems-Advanced.xls" now includes additional columns for Cost Category and Cost Centre for the Party ledger.

TEMPLATE : Vouchers-V10-Sales-Purchase-with-StockItems-Advanced.xls
1. Cost Category (Columns L)
2. Cost Centre (Columns M)

The following fixes / corrections have been done in udiMagic v10 Release 2.2

XML Parse error
The aforesaid error is displayed while importing the template Vouchers-V10-Financial-Transactions-Single-line-entry-Basic.xls when the CompanyName in Tally contains Ampersand Sign (&) . This problem has now been resolved.

PS: Those using the older versions of udiMagic can set / enable the option "Disable Fetch Objects" in udiMagic settings to resolve the issue.

Invalid USB drive details
When activating with USB flash drive, invalid details are shown in certain cases. This problem has now been resolved.

New setting option in udiMagic Settings screen
A new option "Remove Invalid XML Chars automatically" is now included in the udiMagic Settings. When enabled, invalid XML chars are automatically removed from text data. This option is enabled, by default.

Option "Use Advanced sockets" has now been removed from the udiMagic settings. This option was kept for backward compatibility purpose only and hence has been now removed. 

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