Saturday, December 15, 2018

udiMagic v10 Release 1.1

Decimal Places in Tally ERP

Change Decimal Places In Amount - udiMagic Settings

By default, the udiMagic Software supports two "Decimals Places in Amount". In simple words, when we import data from Excel to Tally ERP, the amount is rounded off to 2 decimals. However, in some countries (like Oman), the transactions are generally recorded with 3 decimals in amount.

In this latest release, a new option has been included in the udiMagic Settings which allows you to set / change the "Decimal Places in Amount" as shown below:

In addition, ensure that you specify the correct decimal places  in the Excel sheet wherever the ROUND() function is used.

In certain excel templates provided with udiMagic Software, the ROUND() function is used. You must change the ROUND() to specify the decimal places as per your requirement.

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