Saturday, February 17, 2018

udiMagic v9.0 Release 1.5

Excel to Tally templates
Applicable to : udiMagic v9.0 Release 1.5

TEMPLATEs  (Modifications)

1. Vouchers-V9-Sales-Purchase.xls
New Columns have been added to specify the Ledger-wise description. The Ledger-wise description works only in case of Sales / Purchase Vouchers without StockItems.

2. Vouchers-V9-Financial-transactions-Basic.xls
New Column added to specify Narration (for each Ledger).

3. Vouchers-V9-Financial-transactions-Advanced.xls
New Column added to specify Narration (for each Ledger).

TEMPLATEs (Renamed)
New template : Vouchers-V9-Sales-Purchase.xls
Old template : Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase.xls

New template : Vouchers-V9-Sales-Purchase-Basic.xls
Old template : Vouchers-V8-Sales-Purchase-Basic.xls


Azonic said...

I am new to UdiMagic, I have already installed udiMagic v 9.0 around 3 days back but don't know how to apply or download the new template.

Do I need to uninstall the existing version of the udiMagic which I have installed around 3 days back; and need to download the New version which has been released yesterday on 17th February, 2018.

Please confirm.

Shweta Softwares said...

Please refer this link: