Saturday, September 30, 2017

udi-Magic v8.0 Release 3.3

Excel to Tally templates
Applicable to : udi-Magic v8.0 Release 3.3

TEMPLATEs  (Modifications)

The following new fields/features have been added in this template :

1. Group Names
This allows you to specify the Group/parent Name for Party Ledgers, Sales/Purchase and Taxes ledgers; and StockItems. The default values are :

Party Ledgers : Default group is Sundry Debtors (or Sundry Creditors)
Sales Ledgers : Default group is Sales Accounts
Purchase Ledgers : Default group is Purchase Accounts
Tax Ledgers : Default group is Duties & Taxes
StockItems : There is no default StockGroup (i.e. it is kept empty)

2. Tax Classification details (Override at Voucher level)
This feature allows you to specify / override the Tax-type and Tax-rates at the Voucher-level.

a. Tally ERP 9 allows you to define / specify the tax rates at different levels viz Ledger level; StockItem level; Company level etc.
b. If you are using Sales / Purchase with Inventory, then it is advised that you specify the tax-rates at the StockItem level.
c. If you are using Sales / Purchase without Inventory, then the tax-rates must be specified at the ledger level.
d. You can override the tax-type; tax-rate; taxable amount at the Voucher level using this feature.

3. Voucher Class
A new column has been kept to specify the Voucher class.

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