Thursday, June 15, 2017

Template modifications

Excel to Tally templates - Modifications
The following changes have been done in udi-Magic Standard templates :

Template-Name : Master-StockItemMaster.xls

1. New fields / columns for VAT and Excise
2. If Alternate units are used, the Opening Stock is not displayed in alternate units - Now fixed.

Template-Name : Master-LedgerMaster.xls

1. New fields / columns related to VAT

Template-Name : Voucher-Physical-Stock-Journal.xls

1. New columns for Base-Voucher-Type and Voucher-Type
2. Voucher Number not imported - Now corrected.

Template-Name : Voucher-Stock-Journal.xls

1.. New VoucherTypes not created as given in the XLS - Now corrected

You can download (all templates) the zip file from this link :

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