Friday, June 19, 2015

Agst Ref changes to New Ref


Using UDIMagic, I imported few Vouchers with "Against Reference" details. It is noticed that if the Reference-Number exists in Tally, then the bill-wise information is correctly imported and it correctly appears as "Agst Ref". However, if the Reference-Number does not exist in Tally, then the Voucher is still imported but with incorrect bill-wise information as "New Ref"

I do not want "Agst Ref" to be automatically changed to "New Ref", but would prefer that the records be marked with error and should not be imported in Tally.

Presently, there is no way to prevent the conversion of "Agst Ref" to "New Ref" which is the default behavior of Tally Software. To be more specific, the whole process is as follows :-

a) UDIMagic sends the Voucher data to Tally with correct bill-wise details (i.e. Agst Ref)
b) Tally automatically converts the "Agst Ref" to "New Ref", if the specified Reference-Number does not exist in Tally. This is contrary to the behavior of Tally wherein error is thrown by Tally if the LedgerName or StockItem Name does not exist in Tally or even if the DATE is incorrect.

The automatic conversion of "Agst Ref" to "New Ref" can be seen in other cases also. To reproduce the situation, follow the underneath steps :

a) Manually, enter a "Sales" Bill with "New Ref" as 50.
b) Next, enter a "Receipt" voucher with "Agst Ref" as 50.
c) Next, re-open the Receipt Voucher and view the bill-wise details. It appears correctly, at present.
d) Next, delete the "Sales" bill and then re-open the "Receipt" Voucher. Notice that the "Agst Ref" now appears incorrectly as "New Ref".

In brief, Tally Software automatically converts the "Agst Ref" to "New Ref" if that Reference-Number does not exist in Tally.

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