Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bank Reconcialition

Some UDIMagic Standard Excel templates like "Voucher-Financial-transactions.xls" support import of all Voucher-types from Excel to Tally. However, when "Bank Payment" or "Bank Receipt" vouchers were uploaded, though these vouchers were successfully imported, they were not reflected in the Bank Reconciliation in Tally. Hence, UDIMagic users had to use other formats specifically designed for Bank Payment and Receipts.

UDIMagic v6.0 Release 2.7 (New Feature : Pre-Fetch Tally data)
The above has been taken care of in latest release.  The new templates are re-named as "Vouchers-V6-xxxxxxx".

Old Name : Vouchers-Financial-transactions.xls
New Name : Voucher-V6-Finanical-transactions.xls

Old Name : Vouchers-Financial-transactions-single-line-entry.xls
New Name : Vouchers-V6-Financial-transactions-single-line-entry.xls

Old Name : Vouchers-Financial-transactions-single-line-entry-with-multiple-dr-cr.xls
New Name : Vouchers-V6-Financial-transactions-single-line-entry-with-multiple-dr-cr.xls

Old Name : Vouchers-Financial-Transactions-with-Ref-Cost-centre.xls
New Name : Vouchers-V6-Financial-Transactions-with-Ref-Cost-centre.xls

These new templates are re-designed to pre-fetch data from Tally. In simple words, when you use the UDIMagic Software to import data into Tally, it initially pulls / retrieves some information from Tally (i.e. the Group-names for Ledgers given in the Excel sheet). Based on the Group-Names (if "Bank Accounts"), those Vouchers are reflected in Bank Reconciliation in Tally.

Supported Tally versions : Tally ERP 9 Release 3.0 or higher

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