Friday, May 9, 2014

MySQL - Couldn't open database

Couldn't open database - Error appears while connecting to MySQL

While using UDIMagic to transfer MySQL data into Tally, if you get the aforesaid error, you must follow the underneath steps :

1. You must create a new user in MySQL using the following command :
create user 'udimagic'@'localhost';

2. Set the password for the User created above :
set password for 'udimagic'@'localhost' = old_password('udimagic2');

3. Grant access to the user for your database (assuming the database name is tally) :
grant all on tally.* to 'udimagic'@'localhost'

Next, in the UDIMagic Software select :

>> Advanced Usage
>> Database type = "MySQL"
>> Next, click on the "Settings" button and specify the user-name and pwd as follows :
user-name = udimagic
pwd = udimagic2
>> Next, click the "Test Server connection" button to connect to MySQL database.

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