Thursday, March 22, 2012

UDIMagic Reactivation Policy clarifications

This post attempts to clarify the UDIMagic Reactivation policy. It is requested of you to spare few moments to read the details given below :-

1) A written request has to be provided on the Customer (End-user) letter-head for reactivation and has to be duly signed and must bear the Customer (End-user) Company seal. A scanned copy of the request is to be uploaded to
(i.e. SupportDesk ticket system)

2) Reactivation shall be allowed in the same system (you can change hard-disk if it has crashed) as mentioned at our web-site

3) In case of motherboard crash (i.e. total system crash), the reactivation shall be allowed in another system, but UDIMagic shall be linked (bound) to your Tally Serial Number (i.e. one Tally Serial Number only)

For any clarifications, please do write to us.

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